Saturday, 25 December 2010

Stop Motion

Those of you that are familiar with my work will know that im always saying that I'll do another stop motion, or even finish death race...
But anyway, I gots a new idea for a totally epic stop motion. I'm not promising anything though...

Happy Christmas anyway, dunno if ive already blogger about xmas but hey ho.

Got 2 actors to star in my scott pilgrim style film so far :D and the horror.
Gonna do the SP one first. Need a new laptop desperatley, this one is a peice of shit. It keeps skipping out letters when im typing. I hate vista.
My camera should be here by abou 27th of december. So I'm gonna start spewing ideas onto paper for this epic fight. Love you all. Even though theres only like 3 of you... Anyway, im sure the k1ng won't mind giving me a shout out once i get the show back on the road, cuz the people hes sent over to my channel have come and had a look and gone, WTF is this shit and left.
So yeah i'll do something good, the k1ng will see it and be like ZOH MAI GAR and tell his youtube and they will watch me blah blah blah word domination. I am skipping a few important steps from that plan but thats all you need to know
Anyway im spamming now so im off bye

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