Sunday, 19 September 2010


Im well aware that no one checs this blog, and that even if they did i havent updated it for ages.
All that should be changing soon. I jus need my new camera and everything will be dandy.

Now, a few updates
.I have left school
.I have a job
.I go to collge
.I R E M E M B E R R E A CH.

I haveideas for a comedy, a werewolf film annnndd... thats it. But. OH! and a stop motion hal series but i cba.
Anyway thats my life in a nutshell so far.
And yes.....Im single. still.
Long story short i started eeing this girl and sho my elf in te foot with a harpoon gun, then pulling the pins off all my grenades.

Yeeeaaaahh.... this sucks.

The video blogs need updating, shall be doing them. Especially in my epic comeback