Thursday, 30 December 2010


ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my action crewe assembled. TIME TO SHOOT SUM SHIT.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world movie review.

Its surreal, like aday dream. Its just awesome. The visual style is epic and edgar wright sits in his high chair as best diretor ever. I'd totally reccomend it. Go out andbuy it. Get the comics. Get the T-Shirts. Learn Bass, be in a band.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


Try Videopad video editor, its free and awesome.

Hey guys camera tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT. If i had a scanner id show you my sketchs and whatnot of JOIN US!!! and the new scott pilgrim thingy.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Stop Motion

Those of you that are familiar with my work will know that im always saying that I'll do another stop motion, or even finish death race...
But anyway, I gots a new idea for a totally epic stop motion. I'm not promising anything though...

Happy Christmas anyway, dunno if ive already blogger about xmas but hey ho.

Got 2 actors to star in my scott pilgrim style film so far :D and the horror.
Gonna do the SP one first. Need a new laptop desperatley, this one is a peice of shit. It keeps skipping out letters when im typing. I hate vista.
My camera should be here by abou 27th of december. So I'm gonna start spewing ideas onto paper for this epic fight. Love you all. Even though theres only like 3 of you... Anyway, im sure the k1ng won't mind giving me a shout out once i get the show back on the road, cuz the people hes sent over to my channel have come and had a look and gone, WTF is this shit and left.
So yeah i'll do something good, the k1ng will see it and be like ZOH MAI GAR and tell his youtube and they will watch me blah blah blah word domination. I am skipping a few important steps from that plan but thats all you need to know
Anyway im spamming now so im off bye

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone got Kinect? GIVE ME YOUR GT!!!!
new camera should come through by about 27th december! Along with the best film EVAR
S C O T T P I L G R I M V S T H E W O R L D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait

Friday, 24 December 2010

Haaaaaae you seen HIMYM?

Just rediscovered how i met your mother, its EPIC!!! I'd reccomend it.
Anyway, good news everyone! (you just read that in Pro phansworths voice) Ive ordered my new camera!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Seriously guys, i dont have a lot of time on my hands and with my cam corder being so shit i can't do anything without the picture being crap or too dark and the sound on it is awful. I am going to do some scott pilgrim style episodes called the adventures of (whoever i get to act for me)
I'll put a lot of time into those and so they should be pretty good.
Bye for now

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I'm Baaack!

Im guessng you came here from my youtube, miright?
Well here you will find no only millions of posts dating back 2 years, but all the behind the scenes struggles on my new major projects. These new projects (especially JOIN US!!!) will be very well documented. There shall be constant picture updates of behind the scenes info. I'll probably tell you in my vids when i update this blog. Look forward to SCOTT PILGRIM: The Early Years, pretty soon, but JOIN US!!! won't start till the weather clears up :)
Buh Bye

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Im well aware that no one checs this blog, and that even if they did i havent updated it for ages.
All that should be changing soon. I jus need my new camera and everything will be dandy.

Now, a few updates
.I have left school
.I have a job
.I go to collge
.I R E M E M B E R R E A CH.

I haveideas for a comedy, a werewolf film annnndd... thats it. But. OH! and a stop motion hal series but i cba.
Anyway thats my life in a nutshell so far.
And yes.....Im single. still.
Long story short i started eeing this girl and sho my elf in te foot with a harpoon gun, then pulling the pins off all my grenades.

Yeeeaaaahh.... this sucks.

The video blogs need updating, shall be doing them. Especially in my epic comeback

Friday, 9 April 2010

Hey new friends :D

Erm, you've probably come here from a youtube video, mirite?
Well er...welcome to the blog :D
I guess i'll start updating it again so er keep checking it out, thanks.
As I've already said I'm doing child's play next and somewhere on the side bar <<<<
i shall do a video que showing what videos I'm doing next.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Vlog

Heya Chumps,
Well guess if I'm starting the vlog up again, might aswell start using this website (:
Shout out to K1ng Sar0s. Respect Big up the westside :D.
Erm, doing more blogs, Animating spiderman stop motion. Well Ive taken one picture and i can't be arsed do anymore just yet but theres a teaser for it up somewhere so check it out. Seeing as Don't really have any fans yet I won't do it. Unless i get requests.
Bai Bai 4 Pie