Friday, 31 July 2009


Got it , fuck you voters
im having to rewrite this post because of some fcking error about nothing it said
" you are jak we hate you teh internets r wurking against you go do it agin"
ANyway i was gonna get redfaction no matter wat.
Prototype was gettin bad reviews but i will get it eventually.
Saw 12 rounds aswell
cheesy, but not enough
and no action.
until neckst time

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

y halo thar...

Sorys fur not postin nuffin new fur a while
but me mums internets gone cuz of a lignin boltz hit teh house.
no joek
Anyways im bak at me dads and i haf new gaem plan 4 this blog so expect no mur posts like this
just info bout me movies.
If i decide to go thru with it.
Anyways must popalong nao
cuz watchin return of the living dead part II
lolz scared ya ther 4 a sec!
I need tu urgently find sumthin else tu do wi mai tiam....
oh well bai..
p.s. i promise not asmany posts liekt his unless anythin intrestin happens in my dull english lief...

Friday, 24 July 2009

this is going to be a fucking huge dumpload of shit so read at your own risk...

Life.I wish mine was like an action film.Like die hard 4.0
We are so involved in our small little worldswhos hot and who isnt.We never see the bogger picture.Money, School, Work.You never sit down and think " some people in acommity or something or maybe even just one guyHas thought. While kids need to learn. Lets make a systemSame with the law. Only some rules one guy has thought of.But like you never see outside of your little bubble.Your boyfriend, what time the shops shut.When my homeworks due in.You never sit back and think. What the hell are they worrying aboutWHy don't they just live theiir life?Instead of just going with it?When you just go with everyone else. Its boring.You will die unremembered.Do something fun.Break a world record.Not aloud out in the middle of the night?Sneak out! See the world after dark.Its worth your dad saying " dont do that again"Thats all you'll get.And there you go. Once your outside it feels awesome.Like your above the law. Your adrenaline starts pumping and you just walkif youve got a friend ballsy enough to do itget them too.I skived the last 2 lessons off school just because i hadn't done it beforeYou know what? It felt amazing. I'd do it again. I loved it.The rush it gave me. Running out those gates with our hoods up.I finally felt that I'd acomplished something in my life.SO go out start a fight. That guy you hate.Just hit him.Its fun. Your adrenaline will surge.Dont go with the sheep. Don't follow guide lines.If every day was your last what would you do?If youd alredy said your goodbyes.Threat it that way.Just think " yo homes i cud dai tmw!"And do something crazy.Be out of character. You will not regret it.The girl you like? Ask her1!whats the worst that could happen? she will say noThats it. fuck embarresment if people lol at you and take the pissjust say at least i had the balls to do it.Theres no point wondering what could have been.Go with your first thought. What happens after i'm sure you can deal withIve done a few of the things in this list. I'm not living upto my own philosophy.But i will. and you should too.I love this way of thinking. That ikea isnt all high n mighty, it started off as a guy and his friends makingdecent chairs backin the 1900s!Same goes with everything!Big brother. Thats just an idea some guy had from watching the truman show.Just go with what your first thought is. That moment when some one says something bad and you just picture yourself hitting themTake them by suprise and make it more than jus a picture in your head.Next time some one says something really bad Jsut fucking hit them!You ever step back from your bubble and see how boring your life is!?Wake up go to school "learn" get home.Thats more or less it.Fuckit all and live your life how you want.You only live once so do something that raises your adrenalineat least from you adrenaline gland!You saw crank right?Do something a fucking crazy as that film.Im not saying get arrested. But push your body to the limits test how long your body can last.If you were born into this flaby body you might aswell get some use from it.Any way. Tahts my life philosophy.If you dont like it go back to your pathetically boring lifeand cry a fucking river.As for me its 01:51 and i think ima sneak out of my house.Go ahead try something new.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

randumness that r be promissd.

Ok so i'm in the doctors office.
All the seats are taken.
WHat do I do?
jump in the fishtank and declare myself aqua man!

Death race

done sum mur animation fur it
hoep ur proud.
But all will be reevaled when its finished.
Gtue nabend

My today list...

OK so,
on an unrelated note, Jordans been rnd.
But today is a nice day and i think i may just start some of the filming for death race.
Oh and now a big rain cloud is coming over the house.
Nvm, Ima do the outside shots at a later date.
Oh and

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


You know how bebo is like...
yeah well i canceled my membership.
Its gay.
Just thort ud let u kno.
And if your wondering
no i havent done anything to death race yet.
You probably wernt because you have better things to do
or do you
because otherwise you wouldnt be on this blog.
Unless you think I'm generally funny.
OK ima stop messin wif yo brane adn swich bak tu 1337 sp33k agens =D
k bai.....


Ima taek a few daes off frum doing shit all w/ mai maets.
As one person once said.
Tehy r getting on mai non existant tits.
Ima do sum stop motion, relax and recuperate.
Until neckst time.

Camping in Cheadle

It was pretty awesome!
Good weather all day
Not in the morning tho.
We had marsh mellows and everything.
All sitting around the campfire alll day.
Ryan wouldnt stop messing with the fire
And isaac was being sooooooooooooo annoying! Me and ryan nearly it him.
But oh well nevemind we put up with it.
love you

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Wow, boring plans for the next few days
write a rant for josh
Sleep at mums
Do some work
Get payed
Go hanley get sum new diggs or go see a film.
Anyways reelli hit it off with 2 gurls.
Not trying to brag or anything
but both of them were all over me! (literally)
Wow this feels wierd, its different.
Can't believe i gave my mum the address to this site.
Im gonna get teaaaaased....


my lucks finally changin...

Friday, 17 July 2009


Godamn them
fucking mixed signals
cant tell the " i hate you ones" from the " i love you" ones.
In my case its usually the " i hate u u big fat wierdo get away from me before i call the police.
I mean seriously
Smokin hot girl comin on to me
so i think
i make my move and then shes like
and im single for the same reason
"your not my type"
I think im a pretty good flirter. Im just fuck ugly
thats my problem. Maybe i should style my hair.
I will only style it in the wet look tho. Don't like wax.
wax FTL
get me wet look gel.
Until next time n00b. now run to ur mum be4 i pwn ur sister on the kitchen table.

end of skl!

no more friggin skl!
well, weve stil got monday and tuesdee but no ones goin in.
until next time..........

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Just watched the michael jacksin southpark special.
its ossim.
Anyway me and my buttery balled friend over at have decidedto do a video blog!
Checkit. The link is in the blogs link list called Josh's blog
The video is in quicktime and it took ages to load so don't give up,
I also feature in the audio podcast saying how awesome i am.
until neckst tyme............

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


was just checking the school doesnt block it wen i say cunt.
Obviously it doesnt.
Becuz i r 1337 h@ck3r
i made that writing blue
like the bul shit in ealier post.
Anyway id like to say that this lesson sux pony dong.
If you agree comment and tell me so
or i eats ur fambly.


until next time

I r at school :(

Im doing "graphics"
I'm so funny
until neckst time....

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Fucking pees of shit skl

I am speling wtng on purpose dumas.
Fucking school, thrs no point, the last week we are doing
i gotta go in tmw and its graphics all day
Today i had to go in late.
U kno wat we did?
i sat and doodled
for like four fucking hours
Its fucking blue bull shit.

Monday, 13 July 2009


5:50 in the morining...
Wow this feels wierd.
Got to go to school in a couple of hours, cba wurk it out
At 8:00 i should be up getting dressed reasy for school.

Death race

Death race is coming alng nicley manged to do bout 4 more shots,
totaling to id say,
(with all of the other shots)
40 seconds of film.
Without a story.
Just two cars chaseing, te one behind with a rocket launcher.
Ive got some cool action in it.
And soon to be comedy.
Because every stop motion is comedic ever.
Have you ever seen a serious stop motion?
sorry i had to go serious there.
Scared myself a little bit
Just need to get my point across.
so far ive destroyed 2 boxes and one partially destroyed.
Its coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Not edited or used special effects yet, just got the pictures.
So yeah its cool.
P.S. You can view the trailer in my youtubes vid bit<----------

No school!

This week is activities week, so
My dog just jumped on me...
Anyway so this week is activities week and no one is going in.
And the school won't be phoning home because that many people arn't going in.
On the downside i gotta tidy mh rooom. :(

Sunday, 12 July 2009


so apart from all that shit yesterday transformers was
The cars look so real!.
JOhnny depp was in it!
he sez one line....
I thought tht was pretty shit, but otherwise it wwas awesome
and its very cringe worthy when his mum takes the weed....
My favourite was the little RC cointrolled car, and the twins all voiced by spongebob.
The story was a good enough concept but towards the end it was a bit confusing.
When optimus gets turned into the super optimus thts awesome.
And the the transformers that all go together like the power rangers. That was epic.
I definatley want to go see it agen.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I fuck hate ppl.

Hanley was good.
Both my two friends had girlfriends and they were hanging off each others faces which just reminded me how i have
had that
So yeah i'm feeling pretty down and no one noticed because they were too intrested in each others faces.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Grrrrrrr >:L

SO u know wat reeeeeli grind mai g33rs?
People usin tbh all the fukin time!!!
I meen srsly wtf
tbh i think its gay
i meen come on u dont haf use it all the time tbh
That single fraze is in evry ones fukin name
e.g. " i love you george tbh"
" i like penis tbh"
"im commiting suicide tbh"
"i hate tbh tbh"


Paul McCartney may actually be dead,
Micheal Jackson isn't dead
I like conspiracies.
Especially the paul mccartney
He died in 1966 in a car cras so tehy replaced him with a look alike!
and they released clues in all their songs.
Now you're thinkin wat a load of shit.
But there is way too many things in the albums abt his death to just be coinkydink.
Until tmw, Imgoin c transfromers 2!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Leavers do...

I'm 15
But we cant go to the leavers do without parents.
How gay is that shit?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Leavers do

goin leavers do w/ mai girl friend...
and isaac.
about the air rifle...
its broke.
Anyway goin to my old school for my girlfriends leavers do.
See all me old teachers.
It wil b r funz
I hopes...
wich meh luk
until neckst tym....


Me step dad is never going to use it,
His dad is never going to use it because hes 70.
My mum is definatley not going to use it
So its going to sit in the attick of the garage for fuck knows how long rotting away
Along with another air gun.
I may aswell gt some use out of it!

Air rifle

There is an air rifle in the garage that my mum won't even let me look at
Loads of kids YOUNGER than me have them!
My friend and brother YOUNGER THAN ME had one each!
I'm not a retard I'm not gonna blow some poor animals balls off with it!
Just shooting bottles and cans and stuff!
My dad says i can have one but we keep forgettting.
I love guns!
Mother Fucking

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sleepover in the week.

This is slighty surreal for reasons i cannot menshun...
Anyways ryaan is sleeping over, its fun :)
until next time...


braces still on till september :(

New rant blog

Yo made a new blog out of my first failed attempt at maeking one back when i was addicted to halo 3

My friends...

check this guy out, hes a genuinly funny mother fucker (when he writes his shit down)
But in real life most of his scentences include the phrase " ur mum" and "suck me dick"

Hes austrailian....
Until next time...


Just got out of school at 1:00pm for a dentist appointment thats at 2:35pm!
might waste some time on GTA IV
untill next time....

Bored as hell :(

I'm in school agen with jennii. (Yeyyy im on the Internet!!) by jennii =)
Anyway science is really boring so thats why im telling you how boring it is becuase im bored.
Anyway I might be havin my braces out todae!!! hopfully.....
Until neckst time....

Monday, 6 July 2009

Still having trouble with the fucking follow widget!
Its near the botttom of the page check it out...
Well on my screen on every computer that ove tried it on (2) It won't show up!
Just a blank bit titled "followers"
help please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just put a new youtube gadget on m blog :)
Hopefully the school site won't lockit and we can watch youtub at skool!
fingers crossed
Until necks time...

1st one, Me,Ryan,Isaac mukin arnd :) 2nd: Ryan and my dog bobby.
3rd Isaac, Carl (Ginge) 4th: Tiggy, Alicia, Ryan.
Well thats basically the whole gang :)
Ryans deaf, Isaacs got ADHD or ADD.
ANd the rest of us are norms XD
Until next time...

Sunday night photos :)

This is Ryan just getting out of the bath and ryan and alicia towards the end of the night...
more photos in next post
That was a fun night

Im in school

Appanrently this site isn't blocked :)
I'm supposed to be doing a leaflet for some kenyans because they are visisting our school. Tuesdays and wednesdays are the worst :(
Today is monday. But the good news is next week is activities week so we arn't doing anything except probably for graphics (my worst lesson)
and after that we only have two days that i think no one is coming in for.
And i am not Especially not tuesday because we are probably going to get yelled at again by mr bowyer :(
Untill next time...

Sunday, 5 July 2009


i just remebrd tht inhalers gib u an adrenaline rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.You keep inhaling them with every breath then about 10-20mins later you star shaking and evrything, u just wanna jump of teh wuls! OMG IM SO HYPO. undr nurmul sirkumstances ima use nurmul sp33k but ima got 2 use 1337 sp33k!!!!! omfg ima hyperacteeeeev

Just watched The girl next door agen

Its really awesome, i watched it on But most of the videos take you to this film going back in time :S so if you are going to watch it, make sure it starts off at high school when people are graduating, not some old guy giving the kiss of life to soe run over guy.
just been out for a tiring day in the sun. With 2 hyperactive friends. My girlfriend isn'y answering her phone but i think shes gt 2 sim cards anyway. Anyway I need to see her this weekend and its now.... sunday. Damn. And ive just found out my friend doesnt have my gfs other sim so...fuck.
p.s. lots of my posts are likely to ed with "fuck"

Ive just woke up...

I haded a sleepy over with mai good pal friend isaac. He is a homosexual but not reeli just loling. But srsly he r a alpaca. It r wuz funs. heres r sum piccys lol. Me left, Isaac Right.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Death Race stop motion

im workin on it, i curently have about 5 seconds of footagee, it took m about 2 hours....
Also i was a bit bummed because i went to our-chase Red Faction Guerilla but I had insufficient funds.. :( fuck

Im bored

I want something to make my adrenaline rush! Anyways this is my blog
I'll update it on anything exciting going on in my life, from my latest video on youtube to getting boned by a teacher...